Salterio Shadow Font Free Download

Salterio Font Family Free Download

Salterio Shadow Font is a Gothic Medieval font that comes with a modest elegant look. A Brazilian designer Paulo W took the charge of designing and releasing it via Intellecta Design in 2012.

Its texture has created by the designer in a new way which we can say that its a combination of vintage and dingbats. Because if it’s created in only the dingbats way then it’s very difficult to read.

But it can easily readable and maintains a stylish cool appearance. So, it’s a very unique and cool aspect of it. That helped him to create top quality unique designs easily.

Once a designer understands his ability then he surely adds him to his bucket for designing purposes. So, I really suggest you try it someplace and understand its abilities.

Salterio Shadow Font Family

Salterio Font Family Download

Salterio Shadow Font has come with five weights including Regular, Shadow, Shadow Two, Shadow Three, & Gradient. Each weight has 65 glyphs along with 1000 units per em.

Its height is equal to the standard size, while the width is higher than the standard size. And the space between letters is also thin. So, these aspects add extra creativity throughout the typeface.

With this majestic font help, you can create product designs, product packaging, game titling, game graphics, printing on cards, t-shirt printing, banners, news headlines, and several other good things. Also, you can utilize it with basic fonts like Halant Font & Eczar Font.

So, we believe where you apply it you will definitely get fine and cool designs along with its help. So, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Now you need to click on a single button below and get the Salterio Shadow typeface quickly. Later on, you can easily utilize it for personal use only. Good Luck!

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Salterio Font Free Download

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