Eczar Font Family Free Download

Eczar Font Family Free Download

Eczar font is a classic serif typeface available in five unique styles. Vaibhav Singh from Rosetta type foundry took the charge for designing and releasing it for the first time during 2010.

Styles include Regular, Medium, Semi-Bold, Bold, and Extra-Bold texture. It brings vigor to multi-script typesetting in Latin & Devanagari as same to the Cambay font family.

This font family supports many languages including Latin, Zulu, roman, and several Indian languages, as such Sanskrit Hindi, but also Marathi, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Bihari, Bhili, Konkani, and Bhojpuri.

Some of the styles also support Turkish. It provides a perfect layout featuring splendid text sizes and in display settings all over in designs. As per its keen traits and texture it possesses best for you.

Eczar Font Family

Eczar Hindi Font Family Free Download

Each style including with eczar showcases its own unique aspects. Regular and medium suits best to fulfill long text needs such as in books while bold and extra bold ideally fit for headlines and display purposes.

As per having serif characteristics, it features a small line or stroke commonly attached to the end of every larger stroke in a letter, numeral and in any symbol as well. Preview the character’s map for belief.

This is totally a royalty free font family that you can use for commercial operations as well. Alegreya font family and ultra font also come with serif traits you can count as a better font pair.

Practice it in crafting the best designs. Such as for creating logos, books covers, labels, banners, posters designs, card designs, advertisements campaigns, or for a website texture.

Using it for printings objectives is also a great rational approach. Each weight of eczar comprises 954 Glyphs. Including upper, lower case letters schemes, numerals, punctuation marks, and Devanagari letters schemes.

We believe you will like using it in your designing ventures and inspire your audience with creative thinkings. Download it now from click over the download link below and have it in a true type format file.

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Eczar Font Free Download

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