Yantramanav Font Free Download

Yantramanav Font Family Free Download

Yantramanav Font is a sans serif display font featuring a clean and clear texture. It has designed by an American font designer Erin McLaughlin for the first time in 2014.

She has taken inspiration from a legendary typeface the Roboto Font. That’s why it has a fine texture just as Roboto and also you can utilize it on behalf of it.

Also, you can utilize this fine font with other display fonts as well. Like you can use Heebo Font for heading purpose and this font for paragraphs.

On the other hand, you can also use this font for heading purpose and Dubiel Font for paragraph purposes. So, you can easily manage small to large projects.

Yantramanav Font Family

Yantramanav Font Family Download

Yantramanav Font has come in six styles including Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black. Each font has 686 glyphs with vast language support, especially for Hindi.

Each glyph to construct engaging word shapes and textual content blocks with an elegant texture. So, when you apply these glyphs in any design then you will see proper space, height, and width.

Also, When it applies to designs then the design looks beautiful with attractive text which can easily read by a viewer.  So, it’s really a better option for several kinds of designs.

You will easily construct covers, posters, emblems, titles, development tasks, card printing, product designs, comic book, newspapers, official documents, college assignments, and so on.

We believe it will work really in a professional manner. So, if you think the same then share your view over this contribution in the comment section below.

For downloading the Yantramanav typeface, just click on a download button below and get this. After that, due to its OFL license use it everywhere.

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Yantramanav Font Free Download

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