Turnpike Font Free Download

Turnpike Font Family Free Download

Turnpike Font is a fancy retro font that contains medium texture. A US-based font designer Mr. Stuart Sandler took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time in 2008.

Now all right reserved has been taken by Font Diner. Its texture has created in a professional way, just to increase its width. That’s why you will see that its height seems a little bit low as compared to the standard size.

But it’s just because of its x-large width. So, now you can easily utilize this elegant font for those places where wide characters are needed.

That’s why it can easily useable for bold headings and you can also utilize it with other paragraphs fonts like Rubik Mono One Font and Arbutus Slab Font.

Turnpike Font Family

Turnpike Font Family Download

Turnpike Font has come is a single regular style that contains Truetype features. This single style has 224 number of characters along with 1000 units per em.

For creating it, the designer has taken the inspiration from the 1960s classic dashboard lettering. That’s why its characters are extra wide with modern gothic features.

Also, this awesome font gives the techno appearance which makes it perfect for technical documents as well. In this way, you will found it really approach a great designing field.

So, you can easily create book covers, movie posters, game titles, game development, cv templates, news headings, banners, ads, printing on cards, unique emblems, and many more.

That’s why, when you once utilize it in any project then you can surely try to utilize in other projects as well. Because it works in a friendly manner and gives a better result for sure.

For downloading Turnpike typeface, you just click on a single button below and get this. Later on please keep using it in personal use only.

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Turnpike Font Free Download

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