Rozha One Font Free Download

Rozha One Font Family Free Download

Presenting you to a slab serif font the Rozha One Font. It is an extremely high complexity OpenType typeface, which as of now offers support for the Devanagari and Latin scripts. The ITF( Indian Type Foundry )is known as the primary foundry of this fine quality font due to Tim Donaldson and Jyotish Sonowal work.

The primary goal in making the typeface was to have a unique yet useful typeface that can use for the display or print. The typeface Latin characters are featuring the Didone style, were mostly used in 19th-century advertising posters. Each letter in this keen font has a perfect shape with great finishing edge as you can see in images.

Rozha One Font Family

Rozha One Font Family Download

Rozha One Font includes 1,095 glyphs with the full support of Devanagari and Latin characters. Moreover, it has featured the upper and lowercase letter sizes, currency signs, experimental ligatures, and punctuation marks. The extreme contrast between its letters thick and thin strokes make it perfect for work.

For an ideal design, this is far much critical to choose and reasonable typeface. And to choose the best font is also the art itself. So, if you want to play an effect with Rozha One then you are at right place. Because here you can get it easily just click on a single button.

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Rozha One Font Free Download

Alongside its legibility power, this modest font can use for a broader range of projects. For example, logo and marketing, watermarks on photography, websites templates, printing purposes, product designs, labelling, as well as many relating approaches.

Hope so, this awesome typeface obliging for you to fulfill your customer’s needs. And also gave satisfaction to them. So, share it with your friends and partners on social sites, if you have some time for us.

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