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Introducing Lucida Sans Font that is an OpenType font family. During 1993 Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow gets up for designing this clean font and firstly released by Microsoft. This magnificent font is pre-installed in all Microsoft operating systems after Window 1998.

The Lucida Sans font is also available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages. You can easily found this font family in many software like Adobe Photoshop and so on. The demand for this font is increasing day by day.

Lucida Sans Font Family


These elegant sans serif font come in various styles likewise. Bold, Italic and Italic Bold. The characters of this classic font display keen features and splendid readability which you can see in images we fasten in here. This slab serif font family got too much popularity after it’s releasing.

We are providing this free typeface here and you can easily download it by simply clicking over the download button which is given below. You can use this display typeface for your personal as well as commercial use.

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This astonishing font family is ideal for official uses, business cards, title designing, logo designing, greeting card, printing on certificates and also useable for printing on fabric industries. Going to make it useful for operating systems or making software and game developing will also be a good approach.

We hope this font will help you in meeting your designing requirements. On the other hand, you can provide satisfaction to your customers with the help of this font family.  If you think this elegant font is valuable to you then give us feedback about it in the comments below. And don’t forget it with share with your colleagues on social sites.

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