Linux Biolinum Font Free Download

Linux Biolinum Font Family Free Download

Linux Biolinum Font is a basic sans serif font that has elegant cool features. Philipp H. Poll took the charge of designing and releasing it for the first time.

While the Libertine Open Fonts Project is the foundry who releases it on 23rd September 2003. For creating it the designer takes some inspiration from inspired by 19th-century book type. And you can easily utilize it as an alternative to Times New Roman.

It has decent and fine texture along with little bit sharp corners which you will observe when utilizing it on the bigger text. Also, allows automatic positioning and substitution.

So, that why, it has featuring true fractions, ligatures, and kerning. You will definitely find all standard features in it same as you will observe in other fonts like Nunito Sans Font and Etna Font.

Linux Biolinum Font Family

Linux Biolinum Font Family Download

Linux Biolinum Font has available in 15 styles along with Truetype features. Each style has contains 2400 glyphs as well as 2520 number of characters.

The character sets include the Greek Alphabet, Cyrillic script, and Hebrew alphabet along with several ligatures like f‌f, f‌i, and c‌t, and the capital ß. All these characters help to make it a professional font that can workable for professional designs.

With this elegant typeface help, you can easily create book covers, movie posters, newspapers, printing on cards, product designs, product packaging, game graphics, fabric printing, as well as many other things.

So, what you think about this fine font, you can share with us in the comment section below. And if possible then also share it with others as well.

Now you need to click on a single button below and download the Linux Biolinum typeface. After that, you can surely create an official or personal design without any hesitation.

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Linux Biolinum Font Free Download

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