Depalma Font Free Download

Depalma Font Family Free Download

Depalma Font is a fancy old school font that has a bold and solid texture. A Spanish designer Mr. Woodcutter Manero took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time during 14 December 2016.

That has a solid look which is commonly used for heading and banners. But that font has stylish texture and in each letter, its something like an arrow is shown outside the letter.

So, that’s mean it’s not appropriate for professional work. While for a stylish and unique design, that will be the best choice. Because his texture is extraordinary from the others.

It’s hard shapes and exceptional terminal forms join each letter to make a uniform baseline with proper spacing and fine texture like Horizon Font and Phantasm Font.

Depalma Font Family

Depalma Font Family Download

Depalma Font has come in a single style that possesses TrueType features. This style has 236 number of characters including uppercase, lowercase, and currency signs as well.

In case, you purchase its commercial license from Mr. Woodcutter then you can openly use it for special tasks. For example, movie posters, fabric printing, game titling, game development, technical documents as well as many other places.

So, if you have some other places where you want to use it then you can share with us. And on the other hand, if you want some other solid fonts like Pirata One Font or Dodgers Font then visit our home page.

In case, you want to use it for font pair then must care one thing. It has a solid texture with some extra arrow shape so that it can use for bold headings only.

And the most important thing is that it’s free for personal use only. So, just click on a single button below and download it easily into your computer.

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Depalma Font Free Download

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