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Aleo Font Family Free Download

Hello designers, Today we are here to share an astonishing new and unique typeface with you. This is Aleo Font Family. Magnificent contribution by Alessio Laiso during somewhere in 2013. Most of the surprising aspect about Aleo font family is that It got too much fame in no time.

The designer himself quotes about Aleo is a way for his popularity in the field of type designs. This is the only piece of his type design list. On which Alessio Laiso works with the great dedications. And create the whole font family.

Aleo Font Family

This elegant font family comes in various styles. Such as Regular, Regular Italic, Light, Light Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. Each of the styles is presenting its own precise appearance. All the letterforms textures are according to the slab serif typefaces layout. With an acute similarity with that of Lato Font Family.

Till the recent time, there is no typeface available for a free source that possesses large text forms. Aleo is the only one that got this function. You can use it for free for your personal Undertakings. Available in Open Type Format. Download this fancy font now and start working with it.

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Aleo Font Family Download

Many of the designers are using it for their regular projects. And make sure to abandon the high-grade legibility. Also, we fasten the letters map images with this post from which can have an idea about how your manual will look like.

Just analyse the keen texture of the letters delivering the high quality and powerful visibility to everyone who read it. Must be okay with some font pairing approaches, Because of its relatable glimpses.

I hope it will work well for you. If you like this font then do let us know about your feedback for it in the comment section below. Also, make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues in case you think it is worth sharing.

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