Buda Font Free Download

Buda Font Family Free Download

The Buda Font is a serif font that has a slim appearance. Mr. Adèle Antignac has taken the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time during 2010.

The designer took the inspiration from Budapest, a paradoxal town which a beautiful and fragile. That’s why this remarkable font has an assemblage of heterogeneous elements which form a harmony.

Its slim appearance has designed in a proper way just to provide a sweet and delicious look. All of the letters have maintained the space and padding in a proper way.

It is basically utilized for special and stylish designs. But that can also use for long text paragraphs and make the best combination with others including Palanquin Font and Indigo Font.

Buda Font Family

Buda Font Family Download

Buda Font has come with only in a single style along with Truetype features. That single style has 211 number of characters that maintain the standard height and width.

So, all of these characters are shared by two contrasting weights, which clash and balance each other out. That is why this fine quality font is so attractive and rare.

That will also help to add an attractive touch in designs. And with that help, you will easily create special event cards, unique emblems, book covers, stickers, watermarks on photos, banners, fashion magazines.

Stationary, cosmetic printing, comic book covers, and so on. Also, if there is a place where you think it is best to use it then feel free to use it.

I hope this will also work great for you same as Kiona Font and Daniela Font. So, just click on a single button below and download the Duda typeface into your operating system.

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Buda Font Free Download

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